If you hold a Master's degree and wish to engage in research activities under supervision of our faculty members before you pursue further degrees, you may apply for a Research Student at Graduate School of Science and Technology.

AY2024 Application periods

Application Period

Announcement of Result

Spring semester

February 1 - February 7, 2024

Late March 2024

Fall semester

July 22 - July 26, 2024

Early September 2024

*Limited only for domestic applications from Japan. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Please check the application guidebook for Keio University's non-degree students for more details.
The guidebook can be downloaded at the link below.

Qualifications for International Students

  1. Applicants must graduate with a Master's degree from a university.
  2. Applicants must consult with the professor he/she wishes to be taught by and receive the professor’s permission* before the application.
    *Please note that applicants may be denied acceptance into the program after the screening process, even though they received prior permission by the research professor.

How to Apply

Application Forms

It is required to submit the necessary documents during the registration period.

  1. Application form for research students* (特別学生願書)
  2. Request Form for Supervision* (研究指導許可願)
  3. Academic/Work History* (履歴書)
  4. Latest Certificate of Transcript (成績証明書)
  5. Certificate of Graduation (卒業/修了(見込)証明書)
  6. Copy of Certificate of Residence issued within 3 months (住民票の写し(3ヶ月以内に発行されたもの))
  7. Research Plan (international students)* (研究計画書)
  8. Application fee (18,000yen) (審査料)

* Please click on the link below to download the designated forms 1,2,3 and 7.



AY2024 Fees

Screening fee


Registration fee

80,000JPY ( 40,000JPY for per semester)

Research fee

380,000JPY (190,000JPY for per semester)


  • It is not possible to obtain/extend Status of Residence of "Student" by enrolling in the university as a "Research Student". (Keio university does not support research students to obtain or extend student visa.)
  • Research students are not eligible to apply for university dormitories. It is your own responsibility to find an accommodation in Japan.

Contact Us

Should you have any inquiries about Research Students at Graduate School of Science and Technology, kindly contact the Office of Student Services (International) at Yagami Campus.

Office of Student Services (International)
Graduate School of Science and Techhnology
Keio University Yagami Campus
3-14-1 Kohoku-ku Yokohama 223-8522
TEL: +81(0)-45-566-1468