YearKeio UniversityFaculty of Science and Technology
1858 Yukichi Fukuzawa establishes a school for Dutch studies in Edo (now Tokyo).

1868 Names the school Keio-Gijuku.
1874 Yochisha (the elementary school of Keio) is established.
1890 Keio University is established as Japan's first private university, with faculties of Law, Literature and Economics.

1898 Keio becomes a comprehensive educational institution when elementary and secondary schools are established.
1906 Graduate programs are established.
1917 The School of Medicine is founded.
1920 Keio University is accredited by the Japanese government as a private university with faculties of Letters, Economics and Law, along with the School of Medicine.
1934 Hiyoshi Campus opens.

1939 The Fujiwara Institute of Technology opens (Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Chemistry).

1944 The Fujiwara Institute of Technology is donated to Keio University, and becomes the Faculty of Engineering.
1957 Faculty of Business & Commerce is established. Department of Instrumentation Engineering is founded.
1959 Department of Administration Engineering is founded.
1972 Faculty of Science and Technology moves to Yagami.

1974 Department of Mathematics is founded.
1981 The Faculty of Engineering is reorganized and expanded as the Faculty of Science & Technology (Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry are founded).
1990 The Shonan Fujisawa Campus opens with two new faculties, Policy Management and Environmental Information.

1996 Deparment reform takes place. (Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Department of Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics, Department of System Design Engineering, and Department of Information and Computer Science are founded.)
2000 Graduate School department reform takes place (School of Fundamental Science and Technology, School of Integrated Design Engineering, and School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems are founded).

2001 The Faculty of Nursing & Medical Care is established.
2002 The Department of Biosciences & Informatics is established within the Faculty of Science & Technology.
2003 International Programs on Advanced Science and Technology are established.