Overview of the Department

Mathematical Science: an academical field which clarifies and describes the scientific reasons for various practical phenomena in terms of mathematics as a common language.

What kind of Study?

Mathematics has an aspect as a common language to describe every science and scientific technology, and which is nothing but a method for rigorous and elaborate consideration. As there would be a physical phenomenon and an economical one, both of which is described by one differential equation, it would be possible to formulate phenomena in various fields in the abstract as one problem in mathematics.
That is, clarifying underlying mathematical structures of various practical phenomena and describing their nature rigorously and systematically as well as the investigation of mathematical theory itself are main objectives in mathematical science.

Educational Goal

Our educational objective is the cultivation of unshakable persons of talents who can find out the essence of things even in changeable times. The importance of acquiring certain knowledge and fundamental theory in mathematics is strongly emphasized in our curriculum towards the above objective.


There are two fields in our department, pure mathematics and statistics. In pure mathematics, the study of fundamentals of mathematical fields such as analysis, geometry and algebra, and the pursuit of the possibilities of them in applications to other scientific fields are performed.
Statistics aims to cultivate specialists for resolving practical problems in engineering and social science using methods based on mathematics and statistics.
The main topics in each field are: pure mathematics: analysis (in particular, functional analysis and differential equations), algebra, geometry and mathematical informatics.
Statistics: probability theory, mathematical statistics, applied statistics, mathematical computing, discrete mathematics, planning mathematics, actuarial mathematics and numerical analysis.

Career Options

The power of thought and analysis with mathematical consideration is now required in many fields, and hence there is a large number of job offers. In particular, financial business, manufacturers (hardware, software) and educational institutions are popular for finding employment. Many students proceed to graduate school to acquire higher abilities for research.