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Application Eligibility

What are the eligibility requirements for enrolling in the International Graduate Program (Master's /Ph.D.)?

Please refer to the Application Guide where you can find all the necessary information including eligibility requirements.

I am still pursuing my Bachelor's / Master's degree. Can I apply for Master's / Ph.D. programs at Keio?

If you are expected to obtain a Bachelor's degree / Master's degree at your current institution before the enrolment period at Keio, you are eligible to apply. However, upon enrolment to Graduate School of Science and Technology, you are required to submit your diploma and the full transcripts of your previous degree.

Application Procedure

Application Procedure

How should I apply for the program?

The first step would be to find a prospective research advisor. You can find our faculties' information through " Staff Profile ". Once your prospective research advisor agrees to supervise you, complete online appliation and submit the necessary application documents. Prescribed forms can be downloaded from our website.

How should I contact faculty members of the Graduate School of Science and Technology?

Use our Staff Profile and find a faculty member whose research fields match your research interests and backgrounds. Then email him/her to discuss your research plans thoroughly. If you alredy live in Japan or have plans to visit Japan, it is advised to make an appointment and visit your prospective advisor at his/her office.

Do I have to go to Japan to obtain application forms and take an examination?

All the application forms for International Graduate Program are available online, and should be obtained through our website. Your application will be screened based on your online application and the documents submitted. It is not required to come to Japan for an examination.

Admission Requirements

Which English language tests do you accept? Can I be exempted from submitting TOEFL scores?

As for application for International Graduate Program, only TOEFL score is accepted. The institution code of Keio for the TOEFL is 6154. No department code is necessary.Your TOEFL sores must reach the Admissions Office before the application deadline.

We do not accept IELTS or TOEIC scores.

If the followings apply to you, you are exempted from submitting TOEFL scores.
1) If your first language is English
2) If you have obtained a degree of a program instructed in English

Is the GRE compulsory?

GRE score is complusory if you are applying for IGP Master's. Your score report must be sent directly to Keio University from ETS.

The Quantitative Section of GRE General Test will be the main criteria for evaluation for the applicants whose native language is other than English.

Your GRE sores must reach the Admissions Office before the application deadline.

I am applying for Ph.D. Program. Do I need to submit TOEFL scores and GRE?

Applicants for International Graduate Program (Ph.D.) are NOT required to submit either TOEFL or GRE scores.

What are the minimum TOEFL/GRE scores required for the applicants?

We do not set a minimum TOEFL/GRE scores required for IGP Master's.

Is it required to take Japanese Language Proficiency Test upon application?

Japanese Proficency Test including JLPT is not required for admissions to International Graduate Program, as the program is instrcuted mainly in English.

Application Fee

How can I pay my application fee?

Application fee can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. You can find more details on the " Application Guide ".

How can I be exempted from paying the application fee?

All the applicants need to pay the application fee. Application fee is not exmepted under any circumstance.

After Admitted

Assuming I have been accepted for International Graduate Program, is it possible to defer my admission to another date?

Accepted students cannot defer their admissions. You need to re-apply for the next semester / academic year.

When does the semester start?

Our spring semester begins on April 1st, and fall semester begins on September 22nd.

How much tuition do I need to pay?

Please refer to the Application Guide .

You can also find a list of annual academic fees (tuitions) on the Keio University's website .

How long will it take to complete the Master's / Ph.D. Programs?

<Master's Program>
Our Master's program is designed to complete in 2 academic years. Students may complete in less than 2 years (e.g. 1 year and a half) if they complete all the required credits and accomplish outstanding research results including Master's thesis and final evaluation.

<Ph.D. Program>
Our Ph.D. program is designed to complete in 3 academic years. Students may complete in less than 3 years (e.g. 2 years and a half) if they accomplish outstanding research results.

Can I take Japanese language courses?

Graduate School of Science and Technology offers Japanese courses with different levels of Japanese proficiency.

Are there lecture courses that Ph.D. students can register?

Ph.D. students can take lecture courses on International Graduate Program (Master's) to have further understandings in their research fields.

Campus Life

Does Keio University have university dormitories?

There are several university dormitories and you can find details on the website . Please note that the number of dormitory rooms are limited and university dormitories are always competetive.

How much will be the living cost in Japan? How much allowance will I need?

It is difficult to give an example of living cost as it varies depend on students' lifestyle such as type of accommodations or their local residency. You may refer to information provided by JASSO .

Do you have an internship program?

Students will have an option to participate in internship programs at Japanese corporations. As a fine compliment to studying at Keio University, students can arm themselves with first hand experience of Japanese corporate culture through these internships. These experiences will undoubtedly provide students with insights and experiences that will broaden their perspectives and keep them on the competitive edge in an increasingly hi-tech and global economy.

Career Perspectives

After completing the Master's program, do I need to take an examination to advance to the Ph.D. program?

Students who would like to apply for the Ph.D. program need to go through the whole application process even if they complete their Master's program at Graduate Schoo lof Science and Technology.

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