Emerging and Breakthrough

The keyword that expresses the basic philosophy of Keio University's Faculty of Science and Technology is "emergence". What this means is the holistic manifestation of dramatic breakthroughs that, from the standpoint of the individual constituent elements' nature and inter-relational functions, are unpredictable and unexplainable.

The task of the 21st century is to find solutions to the various problems -; biological, global environmental, informational, social systematic, and anthropological -; that for 20th century science technology were so perplexing. We believe that the key to success lies in grasping the concept of emergence.

It is this that has the potential to bring to flower a new science technology, opening the way for as yet undeveloped and unchallenged territory and thereby achieving that which pursuits within subdivided specialties have been unable to accomplish.

In April 2000, the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Graduate School of Science and Technology launched a new education and research system intended to realize that aim. An environment has been created in which, together with diligent endeavours within each specialized field, research is being carried out that crosses disciplinary boundaries to explore unknown avenues of knowledge in a freer and multifaceted form of joint inquiry.

The mission of the Faculty and the Graduate School is, within such surroundings, to foster in our students a frontier spirit, to draw from them their most creative abilities, and to develop the kind of human materiel that will assume a leadership role in a society striving towards and working on the cutting edge of scientific and technological advancement.