We are giving two-year course of "Basic Education in Science and Technology" on Hiyoshi Campus, so that you can acquire a basis of professional education which you will receive on Yagami Campus from your third year and thereafter.

What kind of Study?

After entering the Faculty of Science and Engineering, you will study for two years on Hiyoshi Campus where you can enjoy the seasonal change of the tree lines and gardens. For a while, you may ease yourself of the stress that you suffered from the entrance examination and enjoy a brilliant feeling of new campus life. Filling up your energy to pursue the next achievement is also important.

In the course of basic education on Hiyoshi Campus, various kinds of basic subjects are available to take in order to make it possible for a student to select any kinds of professional fields in the future. Especially, curricula for freshmen mainly consist of general basic subjects and those for sophomores consist of professional basic subjects, in consideration of learning professional subjects on Yagami Campus easily and systematically. We call the subjects in these two curricula as "Basic Subjects in Science and Technology".

In your second year, you will be assigned to a certain department. But still, there are many opportunities to learn the subjects over two or more departments with friends whose professional fields are different from yours. This is also the characteristic of Basic Education in Science and Technology.

Educational Goal

What sort of impression do you have for the word "Basics"? Do you think it means "simple", "easy to understand" or "boring"? If so, even after you took a few lectures, that's a terrible mistake.

By learning the "Basic Subjects in Science and Technology", you will be able to understand the scientific meaning of natural phenomena and master the skill of mathematical modeling of them. Therefore, it is very important to learn the "Basic Subjects in Science and Technology" not only to acquire a basis of your professional subjects which you will study on Yagami Campus, but also to create your future itself.


Subjects contained in the "Basic Subjects in Science and Technology" are such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Experiments, Computer Literacy, Engineering and so on. From various points of view, and systematically, you can learn how to understand the scientific meaning of natural phenomena and practice the skill of mathematical modeling of those.

In the second year, students are going to receive education of the professional basic subjects for their own department. Each department decides required subjects and elective subjects together with their required number of credits. Through the required subjects, you will learn the basic knowledge of your professional field. The elective subjects will give you the knowledge of surrounding fields that will support your professional field in the future.

- Curriculum
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Laboratory science for freshman, Laboratory science and technology for sophomore, Computer literacy, Professional basic subjects in each department