Overview of the Department

Applied Chemistry is the scientific field for understanding basic chemical properties of materials and for producing new materials with well-controlled functions.

What kind of Study?

Applied Chemistry not only provides technologies for applications but also covers a fundamental aspect of chemistry. We are, therefore, aiming to create a novel system of knowledge by investigating and understanding the fundamental nature of materials and to fabricate useful materials by designing new structures and controlling their properties. Currently, as the human society is more complicated, the research fields of Applied Chemistry are expanding to a wider range. To name a few, it will make our society sustainable to create clean and benign materials using energy-saving methods without destroying the natural environment, and incurable diseases will be prevented by new medicines and medical technologies that we can develop. Our department of Applied Chemistry includes chemistry, engineering, physics, earth science, biology, medical science, pharmacy, and so on.

Educational Goal

Our department of Applied Chemistry hopes that you will obtain the abilities for proposing original creative ideas, for solving problems by themselves from wide viewpoints and for taking leadership in different fields through our education program.


First, you comprehensively study fundamental aspects of Applied Chemistry in our education program. Then, you can choose your interest in subjects in the following four frames: Material Design, Environmental Technology / Analytical Chemistry / Process Engineering, Organic Science and Bio-Science.

Materials Design: Materials include not only industrial products but also ones related to technologies such as medicine, energy and environment. Such materials play significant roles in our human future. In this frame, you will learn the fundamentals to produce materials which give us a comfortable life in harmony with environment and nature.

Environmental Technology / Analytical Chemistry / Process Engineering: When we make products and use energy, we have to take global environmental influence into consideration. In this frame, you will obtain not only the skills to prepare new materials and the knowledge to understand reaction mechanisms, but also will have wide scope of green, sustainable chemistry based on environmental conservation.

Organic Science: The living body consists of various organic compounds. To clarify a biological activity and to prepare an environment-friendly functional material, a basic knowledge of organic chemistry is necessary. The frame of Organic Science will provide you with an opportunity to study the skills and intelligence of organic chemistry for understanding natural phenomenon and the natural environment on a molecular scale.

Bioscience: Chemistry makes it possible to elucidate life phenomena on a molecular scale and to control them. Such chemical knowledge and insight are necessary for the emergence of a novel tide of life science and technology. In this frame, you can learn cell functions and structures together with fundamental chemistry. You can also learn a variety of approaches for designing bio-related chemicals, biomaterials and ecological materials, which are of prime importance among new trends related to organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Career Options

More than 5,000 students have graduated from our department of Applied Chemistry. Currently, more than 80% of undergraduate students enter our graduate school to receive more comprehensive studies and to do advanced research. Graduates of our department are working actively in wide fields.