Significance of Logical Thought Based on Truth

Today, although we enjoy the fruits of modern science and technology, we often overlook the significance of the scientific knowledge and logical thought that made these fascinating fruits possible. As our sense of values becomes more fragmented, we begin to lose our appreciation of the universality of logical thought based on truth. This trend is reflected in the high incidence of apparently minor mistakes or misunderstanding which can potentially evolve into serious technoindustrial accidents, and consequent heightening of public distrust in science and technology. If we allow such a trend to develop, the principles of anti-science or anti-engineering could emerge. However, we need to continue research of science and engineering for the ongoing future of mankind.

For that reason, it is vital that we have a solid knowledge of science and technology, together with a critical appreciation of the problems to be solved. Educating students to master the essence of natural phenomena based on sound logical thinking by using sound reasoning is the "raison d'etre" of the School of Fundamental Science and Technology.

Discovery of New Laws and Their Understanding and Description

It should be emphasized that research and education policy at Keio University has always attached importance to the fundamentals of various disciplines, under the slogan: "Study the fundamentals of future scientific frontiers, rather than frontiers of the present". New laws are often discovered by chance. In order to recognize an unexpected phenomenon quickly, and to analyze its implications and likely impact on science and technology, it is necessary to have both a broad perspective and a deep insight into each branch of science. The "science and technology" in the name of the School does not refer to a blend of natural science and technology. The basic concept of the School is to advance the application of science to technology, and to facilitate technology based on scientific laws.

No Borders Between Branches of Science and Technology

The fields of research at the School of Fundamental Science and Technology range across mathematics, pure and applied physics, pure and applied chemistry, systems engineering and life sciences. Research topics are dispersed among these branches of science in a "borderless" manner. At Keio, there has never been a distinction between natural science and technology. As a result, the practical application of both natural science and all other sciences has been termed "fundamental science and technology".

Each student in the School is supervised by one or two academic staff members, but students may also participate in classes conducted by specialist tutors in various fields of research. The student can conduct his or her research utilizing a broad spectrum of viewpoints gleaned through discussion with researchers from the various disciplines. Furthermore, science observes no national borders, even though individual scientists may belong to different nations. The School contributes to International Graduate Programs on Advanced Science and Technology, for international education at the graduate school.

Training in Deep Research from a Broad Perspective

Upcoming young biologists are expected to be already well grounded in mathematics, physics and chemistry. At the same time, the range of research subjects in these branches of science is being broadened to encompass biological phenomena. At the School of Fundamental Science and Technology, we recommend that students keep abreast of the latest developments in various fields of science and technology, with this knowledge being constantly updated by the School. This, however, does not give students an excuse to leave their own specialist research incomplete. Once a research subject has been selected from the wide range available, it must be investigated incisively and fully. The teaching staff at the School of Fundamental Science and Technology are also excellent researchers in their own right, and will assist students to make breakthroughs and to carry out their research projects with depth and thoroughness.