Overview of the Department

Chemistry is a field to create substances carrying high efficiency and function, based on theoretical understanding of properties of molecules and atoms.

What kind of Study?

Chemistry focuses on the transformation of molecules. All scientific areas related to material-transformation should have a close concern for chemistry. For instance, life-phenomena are modulated by a number of chemical reactions; accordingly, life science is a branch of chemistry. Such scientific fields as physics, agriculture, pharmacy, earth science, ecology, and astronomy, are similarly covered by chemistry. With such a background, the infinity of material-combination will provide a big future for chemistry.

Educational Goal

Our Chemistry Department wishes that all of our students learn the fundamentals of chemistry, which will enable them to play active roles in any discipline, along with process to develop fundamental ideas toward high technology.


Our curriculum covers a wide range of chemical areas, which are allocated by 20 excellent staff members. They educate 37 students per year with high-level educational content, as the following subjects.

cluster chemistry
laser spectroscopy
life physical chemistry
computer chemistry
theoretical chemistry
nano crystalchemistry
solid chemistry
inorganic synthesis
nano surface chemistry
metal surface chemistry
environmental chemistry
polymer chemistry
polymer nano solid-state
high-performance electromagnetic materials
inorganic nano chemistry
energy converting chemistry
organic synthesis
complex-catalysts reactions
electroorganic chemistry
medicinal nano-synthesis
medicinal resource chemistry
organic reactions
natural products chemistry
bioresponce system
bio-nano catalysts
glyco-life chemistry
bioorganic chemistry

Career Options

More than one scientific project with urgent and important subjects, progresses at the same time in our department as the base of development of the forefront of nanoscience. In addition to excellent scientific results, our graduates have played active roles in informative communications, electronic apparatus, medical technology, pharmacy, food industry, cosmetics, publications, and finance, along with chemical industries. They also have activities at national universities and institutes as outstanding researchers.