Overview of the Department

Studies coves all fields related to clarification of mechanical and thermodynamic phenomena and to creation of "machinery (artifacts)" based on those phenomena.

What kind of Study?

We are surrounded with various machines and devices such as personal computers, mobile phones, cars and airplanes, and they provide rich and convenient life and society. In addition, we could not live without the energy technology, from power generation to recycling. It seems to be no exaggeration to say that modern society is built upon mechanics.

Mechanical engineering is the science that covers this wide range of hardware engineering and has achieved remarkable progress and development. In recent years, mechanical engineering has expanded its applications area through combination with information, electronics, and optics technologies, as well as conducting full research and development on frontier technology of robots.

Educational Goal

The department aims to develop engineers and researchers with creativity and overall ability so that they can lead the world with their own capacity. Under the catch phrase that emphasizes "basics," "real experience," "individuality," and "communication," students are led to understand the framework of mechanics that are the foundation of mechanical engineering. At the same time, the objective of the study and education in this department is to cultivate engineers and researchers who, with ethics for engineers as their base, have the ability to investigate overall phenomena including global and social environment issues and to creatively design and produce.


・Students will acquire the foundations of mechanics
 "Introduction to mechanics of materials,"
 "Introduction to mechanics and mechanism,"
 "Introduction to fluid mechanics,"
 "Introduction to thermodynamics"

・Students will experience the planning, designing and constructing hardware
 "Computational analysis of mechanical products,"
 "Expression of mechanical products,"
 "Production engineering"

・Each student plans and conducts his/her own project on his/her own initiative in order to improve creativity
 "Practice in mechanical engineering projects"

・Third-year students can select most of the professional courses in the curriculum so that they can choose a wide range of studies according to their own interests.

・Students will learn what values and ethics future professional engineers should have in this rapidly changing global and social environment.
 "Ethics for creative engineers"

・Students will acquire the ability to solve problems through their own research that is unique throughout the world.
 "Bachelor's thesis"

Career Options

Graduates of the department actively participate in a wide range of areas such as electrical, mechanical and precision fields, automobiles, information/communication, services, universities/research institutes, public agencies, and venture businesses.