Overview of the Department

The Department of System Design Engineering seeks the creation of engineering systems that harmonize with global, social and human environments.

What kind of Study?

He establishment of the Department of System Design was an unprecedented challenge to seek new engineering systems that harmonize with global, human and social environments. The systems we deal with include space structures, energy devices, infrastructures, buildings, robots and so on. Our design is defined by the optimization processes that utilize integration and control technologies. Harmonization of advanced individual technologies with human, society and our globe is being pursued.

Educational Goal

You will be educated to be a creative engineer with the ability to define problems associated with social and global environments on the basis of mechanical, electrical, and information technologies.


Our curriculum consists of two groups of courses, the basic courses and advanced courses. Many experimental and exercise courses are provided to enhance your knowledge.

Career Options

About 80% of the graduates from our department go on to graduate schools. The rest of the graduates are unanimously welcomed by major industries of a wide variety. If selected courses are taken, written tests for the first-class electrical chief engineer are exempted. Those who take courses relevant to architectural engineering will be qualified to take the examination for first-class architect.