If you are a student and looking for housing around Yagami campus, here are the necessary information of university dormitories and apartments. Japanese students are present as Residence Assistants for daily support. For those who wish to find their own accomodations, the university can assist with completion of rentral contracts.


Keio University offers various scholarships opportunities to international students based on financial need, academic merit, or both. Scholarships available for international students are offered by Keio University, public organizations, and scholarship sponsors such as private companies and scholarship foundations.

Visa and Immigration

You must obtain a Student Visa in order to study at Keio University. You will need a Certificate of Eligibility to apply for your visa at the Japanese Embassy or consulates in your country. Your visa's term of validity is the same as the length of your study term at Keio.

Japanese Language Classes

Students are welcome to take Japanese language classes, which are organized for every level of learner. These classes enable students to increase their knowledge of Japanese in a short period of time. Students with no prior knowledge of Japanese can learn basic communications skills for daily life through the courses offered.