Status of Residence

All foreign nationals entering and staying in Japan are given a status of residence at their port of entry, and are allowed to engage in activities permitted under that status of residence. International students are expected to have a status of residence as "Student". If you do not have the appropriate status of residence, it may be that you will not be able to enroll.

Certificate of Eligibility

To apply for a Student visa, it is required to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) for students who are non-Japanese nationals. We will apply for COE for international students residing outside Japan (those admitted to International Graduate Program, Double Degree Program, Exchange Program and Visiting students.) Once students receive their COE, they need to submit it along with other required documents for student visa application at a Japanese embassy/consulate.

Residence Card

You will be issued a residence card (在留カード) at ports of entry besides having a seal of landing verification stamped in your passport. Carry the card with you at all times, and present it when requested by an official or police. You may be required to present it for certain official procedures such as opening a bank account.

* A residence card will be issued only at Narita, Haneda, Shin-Chitose, Chubu, and Kansai, Hiroshima and Fukuoka Airports.

Once you have find housing in Japan after arrival, you must register your place of residece at the local city/ward office within 14 days after moving in. Make sure to bring your residence card when you go to the city/ward office. If you fail to register your place of residence without a justifiable reason, your status of residence may be revoked.

If you would like to get a part-time job under Status of Residence as Student

Students who hold “Student” status of residence are allowed to stay in Japan only for study and research purposes. Therefore, you are not allowed to work under “Student” status. If you wish to engage in secondary activities aside from your studies, such as a part-time job, you must obtain a permit from the Immigration Bureau beforehand. With this permit (資格外活動の許可), students are allowed to work for up to 28 hours a week (up to 8 hours a day during the summer, winter and spring recess) as long as the work is not deemed to be socially immoral. Permission to engage in an activity other than that permitted under the status of residence may be given at an airport of your entry.

How to Apply

◆Upon arrival in Japan (for the first entry with Student Visa)

Submit the Application Form (available on the website of the Ministry of Justice) at immigration of the port of entry.

◆If you are already in Japan

1) Prepare the following documents and apply at the Immigration Bureau nearby.

  • Application Form (available on the website of the Ministry of Justice)
  • Passport
  • Residence Card
  • A document which specifies details of your part-time job (Submit only if you have already secured a job)

2) If your application is approved, a seal indicating permission will be affixed to your passport and an entry will be made on your residence card if you have been issued one.

3) Submit a copy of your residence card (both front and back) at Office of Student Services (International) at Yagami Campus.

Change of Institutions

If you already have a student visa from your previous educational institution in Japan, you have to notify the Immigration Bureau of change of institutions you belong to.

Please refer to (5) of "Notified Matters" on the following webpage. You may complete this notification at Immigration Bureau or via postal mail.

Extension of Period of Stay

If you wish to study in Japan beyond the initial period of stay on your residence card, you need to apply for extension. Application for extension can be accepted from 3 months prior to the expiration date of your status of residence.

For the extension to be granted, you must prove that you have reasonable grounds for needing an extension to your period of stay to continue the activities allowed under your present status of residence. Your academic situations, living conditions and financial situation in the previous year(s) as a student will be examined during the extension application process.

Note that permission from Keio University to advance to the next grade or to extend enrollment period on your academic program does not guarantee that the Immigration Bureau will approve an extension to your period of stay.

How to Apply

1) Prepare following documents

  • Application Form for Extension of Period of Stay (available on the website of Ministry of Justice)
    *The forms named "For Organization Part 1 and 2" should be filled in and certified by Keio University. See the step 2 for Details.
  • Certificate of Enrollment (available at the Certificate Issuing Machine)
  • Certificate of Course Registration and Transcript of Academic Record (not required for PhD students)
    *Research students should submit a letter written by their supervisor instead of the certificates indicated above. The letter should include a description of your research and indicate the duration of time devoted to the research (more than 10 hours per week).
  • Passport
  • Residence Card
  • Financial Proof Documents to certify your ability to cover all necessary financial expenses while staying in Japan
  • 1 ID photo (4cm x 3cm, paste on your application form)
  • The designated "Certificate for Payment of Fee" with a 4,000 yen revenue stamp (inshi) attached
    *Please pay the fee when your application is approved. You can purchase revenue stamps at either a post office or the Immigration Bureau.

2) Bring all the documents above and obtain the forms at Office of Student Services

After preparing all the documents listed above, please bring them to the Office of Student Services. After checking your documents, we will issue application forms "for Organization Part 1 and 2". (Fee of 200 yen will be charged.)

3) Go to the Immigration Bureau and apply for extension.

Bring all the documents and apply at the Immigration Bureau. Since the Immigration Bureau has tightened their examination of visa applications including extension of period of stay, you might be requested to submit other documents after application.

4) After approved, submit a copy of your new residence card at Office of Student Services

After your application is approved, a new residence card will be issued. Submit a copy of your residence card (both front and back) at Office of Student Services (International) at Yagami Campus.