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Application for Research Associate (non-tenured)at Graduate School of Science and Technology in Academic Year 2009

Updated May 13, 2009

To first and second year doctoral program students

The Graduate Schools of Keio University will initiate the Research Associate (non-tenured) system. The system is aimed to foster young researchers who will play an important role in future scientific research activities as well as to promote their career growth. We expect that the first and second year doctoral program students proactively take advantage of this opportunity.

1. Application period / Place of submission:
 Application period: May 13 (Wed) ? May 28 (Thu), 2009 by 4:00 pm
 Place of submission: Academic Services, Office of Student Services
  (1F, 25th Building)

2. Application forms:

3. Terms of Appointment
Position: Research Associate (non-tenured)
full-time on an academic year basis

Monthly basic salary: 170,000 yen
Fringe benefits: Social insurance (including health, employees pension, employment) is offered.
*Tuition and fees are not exempted. Expenses such as transportation are not provided.
Appointment period: April 1, 2009 - March 31, 2010
 (first year students can apply for continuation for the subsequent year)

4. Number of appointees
Eleven people in 2009

5. Qualifications
Qualification requirements: First and second year doctoral program students at the Graduate School of Science and Technology. The international students entered in September can be appointed until the end of fall semester in their third year.

Related matters:
1) A student who plans to take a temporary leave of absence or go abroad
 to study during the appointment period cannot apply for this position.
2) If a student is out of campus for more than three months for
 internship or other reasons, the contract will be cancelled.
3) If a student awards a doctoral degree shorter than the standard
 duration, the contract will be cancelled at the completion of the
 doctoral program.
4) Those who correspond to any of the following cannot apply for this
  - A student who has selected as the recipient of JSPS Research
  Fellowship for Young Scientists in 2009.
  - A student who has selected as the recipient of Monbukagakusho
  Government Scholarship.
  - A student who has selected as the recipient of Fujiwara
  For other scholarship recipients, please confirm the qualification with
  the Student Life Services (former Student Affairs Office).
5) The Research Associates (non-tenured) cannot double as any of
 the following position.
  - Salaried GCOE RA
   It is possible that the Research Associates (non-tenured) participate
  in the GCOE activities as an unpaid RA. In that case, they can
  receive reimbursement of expenses incurred in the activities such
  as overseas business trip.
  - Salaried 特別研究教員 (non-tenured)
6) Working hours for Research Associates (non-tenured) are 28 hours
 per week. Please note that the international students cannot receive
 any salary other than this job if they are appointed as Research
 Associate (non-tenured).

6. Assignments
The Research Associates (non-tenured) are assigned to the Graduate school of Science and Technology but do not participate in the management. Basically, they do not take charge of any class. The job assignments are helping PR activities of the faculty and graduate school of science and technology and proctoring examinations. PR activities include visiting elementary, junior and high schools to give lectures to students and assisting the open campus led by the faculty. Group activities by the Research Associate (non-tenured) to deepen experience and knowledge for the assignments will be organized. The international students can carry out those activities in English.

7. TA
The Research Associates (non-tenured) can work as TA in Keio or take charge of 理工チュートリアルアワー tutorial hours and receive remuneration from those activities.

8. KLL doctoral program research grant
The Research Associates (non-tenured) cannot receive a doctoral program research grant offered by KLL. If a student is offered the position of Research Associate (non-tenured) while applying for the KLL research grant, he/she must withdraw the application for the grant immediately.

9. Announcement of results
The successful candidates will be selected by 助教(有期・研究奨励)候補者選考委員会 the Research Associate (non-tenured) Candidates Selection Committee. The results will be notified in writing after June 11 (Thu), 2009. The appointment will be effective retroactive to April 2009.

10. Inquiries
Graduate School Office (7F, 14th [Sousou-kan] Building)