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Leaders full of individuality

SASASE, Iwao (Ph.D.)

Members of Sasase laboratory

Our laboratory maintains leading-edge network circumstances

More than 230 joiunal papers are made published and more than 320 research papers are presented at international conferences.

At present, big paradigm shift is being taken place in the field of wireless communication. Shift to IP data traffic from voice traffic, rapid increase in wireless communication such as wireless LAN, and integration between digitalized ground-based broadcasting and communication may well represent such movement in the wireless communication industry. It would not take very long that digital network evolves further more to deliver publication, music, movies and games by means of communication. In three years, you may enjoy, as common practice, reading newspapers and magazines with a mobile terminal of wireless communication. For realization of such ubiquitous network society, it is required to provide highly reliable social infrastructure with no worry about security and privacy, and construct cultural infrastructure featuring sensitivity and cultural atmosphere based on Japanese tradition, in addition to establish usefulness and flexibility of personal communication environment.
For young researchers and engineers, it is required to have profound cultural accomplishments and sharp sensitivity in addition to technological capabilities. It is important for you to have interest in and appreciate various kinds of things, increasing your sensitivity, to achieve vision to see through technological requirements in the world. I am engaged in educational research of students based on the idea that it becomes very important to encourage ambitious students with innate talent to make the most of their ability, and bring up leaders who create the breakthrough in communication technologies. With about 30 students, I am enjoying doing research on such subjects as the next generation broadband mobile communication, network security, photonic network and ad-hoc network, in order to create pioneering and innovative technologies for realization of the ubiquitous network society. Please see SASASELABORATORY for specific themes and achievement of our research.