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Overview of Graduate School

Center for Material Design Science

The Center for Material Design Science is an education and research unit targeting the creation of new functional materials and the development of fundamental technology for the good of human society through basic research on science and engineering. Research on materials has long been an important fundamental field of science and engineering. However, in academic environments, it has often been independently approached from the physics and from the chemistry point of view. In physics, research has mainly focused on the properties and structural analysis of materials. On the other hand, synthesis of new materials has mainly been the scope of chemistry. We believe that for a graduate school active in research on materials, it is important to synthesize, to control the properties, and to analyze materials with the ultimate goal of creating new functional materials and new functions. In addition, we believe that the most important task is to promote talented persons showing creativity in this area of research. In order to achieve this purpose, an academic environment, in which the barriers between science and engineering, as well as between physics and chemistry are eliminated, should be built based on the holistic concept of material design. Thus, we have created the education and research unit referred to as “The Center for Material Design Science” .

Key words: New material design, New function design, Function assembly