Emerging 2016

開放環境科学専攻開放環境科学専攻75The Center for Space and Environment Design EngineeringThe Center for Space and Environment Design Engineering aims at establishing fundamental sience and technologies for design engineering of space and environments relating to humans, transportation, aerospace, and architecture, among others. This is based upon creation and integration of innovative systems for the techno-humanity society. This Center exemplifies transdisciplinary and advanced research and education, all supported by advanced information technology including computational science and human media technology.Key words: Aerospace, Architecture, Computational Engineering, Human, Space and Environment, Transportation The Center for Science of Environment and EnergyThis research group seeks to create synthetic science and technologies that utilize energy resources and energy conversion supportive of current civilization and are considerate of global environmental influences. The research and educational staffs teach and conduct research on themes including the analysis of air environment, recycling of materials and energy in natural and artificial systems, and various other issues over a diversity of science and engineering fields. These include mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and the science of the global environment. Key words: Fundamental science, Energy engineering, Environmental science The Center for Applied and Computational MechanicsThe recent progress in the computer and numerical simulation technologies enables us to clarify the physical phenomena that have been intractable with experiments. In industries, advanced computer-aided design gains increasing importance. In the Center for Applied and Computational Mechanics, we clarify various physical phenomena using the methods of computational mechanics and apply the methods to wide areas of science and technology. We also conduct mathematical, theoretical, and experimental analyses, as well as development of numerical simulation schemes, computation techniques, computer hardware, and post-processing techniques. Key words: Mechanics, Analysis, Synthesis, Design, Optimization The Center for Information and Computer ScienceInformation is considered to be one of the most important entities in our lives, as much as energy and material. Information helps to relate nature to humans, human to human contact, and the machine to human and machine to machine interface. ICT is the fundamental technology that achieves such excellent relations for social infrastructure. By promoting researches for establishing new ICT from three different field, computer science, information communication networks, and interactive media, members of the Center for information and Computer Science is promoting researches train talented persons who contribute to emerging a human-centered digital information society in both industry and academia. Key words: Computer Science, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Communication Networks, Information Security, Interactive Media, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual RealityThe Center for Open Systems ManagementModern human organizations and societies are interrelated, forming an open system, in that they have blurred boundaries and frequent interactions with the surroundings. There is a growing need to develop a framework for problem identification and solution technology based upon the concept of humans, organizations and society as an open system rather than individual entities. Applying the basic research results developed systematically in the area of administrative engineering, the Center for Open Systems Management builds new methodologies and application technologies for problem solving.Key words: Computer/Information Science, Economic Analysis, Financial Engineering, Human Factors, Industrial Engineering, Management Science, Operations Research, Statistics, Systems Engineering



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