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総合デザイン工学専攻66理工学研究科要覧Signal Processing / Optimization / Communications信号処理/最適化/情報通信YUKAWA, Masahiro湯川 正裕数理的基盤に立脚した新しい信号処理パラダイムの構築を目指して研究している。特に、不動点近似・凸解析に基づく高性能な適応アルゴリズムを提案し、情報通信への応用(干渉キャンセラなど)における有効性を実証してきた。最近は、再生核を用いた非線形適応信号処理や、信号のスパース表現を利用した研究も行っている。The goal of research is to build a new paradigm of signal processing based on a mathematical framework. The notable achievements so far include the developments of efficient adaptive filtering algorithms based on fixed-point approximation and convex analysis, and their efficacy has been shown in applications to acoustic and communication systems. Current research interests include nonlinear adaptive filtering using reproducing kernels and sparse signal representation.准教授Associate Professor電子工学科Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering博士(工学)Doctor of EngineeringOrganic/molecular electronics / Semiconductor materials / Photocatalysts有機分子エレクトロニクス/半導体材料/光触媒NODA, Kei野田 啓有機電子材料(主に半導体)の薄膜形成とその物性評価、及び薄膜トランジスタ等の電子デバイス応用に向けた研究を展開しています。また、化合物半導体から構成されるナノ構造を利用した光触媒水素発生を対象として、その機構解明や新しいエネルギー変換デバイスへの応用に関する研究にも取り組んでいます。I am working on research and development of organic/molecular electronics. My concrete research topics are thin-film fabrication and characterization of organic electronic (semiconductor) materials, as well as those device applications such as thin-film transistors. In addition, I am also interested in photocatalytic hydrogen production with compound semiconductor nanostructures. My challenges for uncovering basic mechanisms of photocatalysis and developing a new energy conversion device based on photocatalytic hydrogen production are going on.准教授Associate Professor電子工学科Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering博士(工学)Ph.D.電気電子工学専修The Center for Electronics and Electrical Engineering



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