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Message from Students

R.M.B. (from The Philippines)

Q1. Why did you decide to study at Keio?

It has always been my dream to pursue graduate studies abroad because I knew that the world is big and there is a lot to be learned beyond the borders of my country. I knew that studying abroad would maximize my learning experience and help me grow personally and academically. After a year of graduate school hunting, I heard about Keio University's good reputation as an academic institution and scholarship opportunities from a colleague. So, I decided to apply. After months of waiting for the results, I found out that I was one of the chosen few who got accepted with full scholarship. And so my dream came true

Q2. How is your campus life at Keio?

It is exciting. I never stop learning. Everyday is a new learning experience practically, academically and culturally. The research laboratories do not only give students research opportunities but also train students to become leaders in their fields. The language barrier can of course become a problem but eventually, you will learn Japanese enough to survive and you will also learn how to communicate even without so many words.

Q3. Please give a message to prospective students.


In Keio University, you are given the freedom to choose your own adventure. If your adventure involves academic research, there are brilliant professors to guide you and excellent colleagues to help you. Up-to-date resources and cutting edge technology are also made available to you. If your adventure involves social and cultural immersion, student organizations that focus on those are there for you. However, the best thing about life in Keio University is that you can have both and more. So, given the opportunity, go for it.


K.L.T (from Malaysia)
S.R.A (from Malaysia)
Z.G (from U.S.A.)
V.V.K (From India)
L.G.J (From Spain)
R.M.B. (from The Philippines)

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