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Messages from the Students
Message from the Students
V. T. (EC-Marseille) Master 2

1.Why did you decide to study in Japan?

Actually, I took the decision to study in Japan a long time ago, when I had to take the decision of which engineering school I would study in, back in France. Wanting to discover more about the culture and inhabitants of this country, I thus chose a school which had good international partnerships. Plus, I always had a great interest in the Japanese emerging technologies, as robotics for example, which are rarely taught in France. The decision to come to study in Japan thus kind of imposed itself naturally.

2.Why were you interested in double degree program?

The possibilities offered by the double-degree program with the Ecole Centrale are numerous: first, by following the teachings from those both school, we can obtain degrees from two prestigious and internationally-recognized universities. In addition, thanks to the partnership, the admission process is simplified and gives us access to a wider panel of taught subjects. And of course, gives us the possibility to discover another culture and language, and to learn another language (or to refine our English).

3.How is your life in Japan?

First, from an economical point of view, life is kind of expensive -especially in Tokyo. However, thanks to the housing provided by Keio and the numerous scholarships available, this aspect is quickly forgotten. Then, for a more social point of view, the first point to raise is the welcome offered to foreign people by Japanese people: I had never seen before people so kind and attentive to foreigners! So yes, everyday life is really easy in Japan, and pretty enjoyable!

4.How is your campus life at Keio?

The campus life is a bit different of what we are used to in France, this being due to the research environment. In fact, the courses are no longer what take the most of your time: research does. So the choice of the laboratory is really important, as you will spend a lot of time in it! Once again, the integration is pretty easy, as Japanese people are always ready to help you, regardless of your problem. To enforce this feeling of integration, numerous circles are opened to foreigners, and help you meet and discuss with Japanese people.

F.L (Master 2)
D.L (Graduated on 2007)
C.D (Master 1)
J.P (Master 2)
V.T (Master 2)

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