If you are a student of other university/institution and wish to conduct research activities at Graduate School of Science and Technology under supervision of our faculty members, you may study as a visiting student.

As a Visiting Student, you are able to join a lab at Keio and conduct research activities under supervison of a faculty member without paying tuition. You can decide the research period depending on your need, as long as it is within your enrolment period at your home institution.

If you are a graduate student at your home university, you can apply for a status as a "Visiting Research Student".
If you are an undergraduate student at your home university, you can apply as a"Visiting Undergraduate Student".


  • Visiting students cannot attend lecture courses or receive official academic records/credits from Keio University.

  • You have to belong to a(n) university/educational institution (e.g. Grands Ecoles) while your study period at Keio University. Your study period at Keio University cannot exceed the enrollment period at your home institution. Thus, if you are looking for a research internship during a gap year or after graduation, we cannot accept you as a visiting student.

  • The research period of visiting students should be up to 6 months. Extension of a research period is available after arrival at Keio University.

  • Visiting students are eligible to apply for Keio university dormitories during their enrollment period.

  • If the enrollment period is longer than 90 days, Office of Student Services (International) will support to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for your Student visa application.

  • Visiting students must join Student insurance (1,140 yen) specified by Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University.

How to Apply

Step 1: Find a prospective supervisor

To apply for a visiting student, you need to find a prospective supervisor at Graduate School of Science and Technology and get accepted by him/her.
You can search our faculty members from Staff Profile .

Step2: Contact Office of Student Services and obtain application documents

After you get accepted by your prospective supervisor, contact Office of Student Services (International) . Application documents and further information will be provided.