Scholarship information offered by Office of Student Services (Student Life)

*This page is mainly for IGP and DD students. If students with Japanese citizenship wish to apply for scholarships, please inquire of the Office of Student Services by email.

Updated on August 25

ATTENTION: Any changes to the application schedule and procedure will be announced in this page or on the Keio University Student Website . Only inquiries by email can be accepted. Please send them to gakusei-c.yagami* (place @ instead of *) with a title including your student ID number and name.
Application guidelines for each scholarship are listed here .

Submission of documents
You need to submit all the required documents ( Application Form , a copy of your bankbook, and other documents designated in the application guidelines) via Google form . The application documents can also be downloaded from the website of International Center. Scholarship Application Registration must be completed via another Google form before submission. If you need to replace a document after submission, please contact the email address of the Office of Student Services (Student Life).

Results of Screening
You will be contacted separately by the university office in charge if you cleared the document screening and are eligible for an interview. You will not be contacted if you were not selected.

No.Name of ScholarshipApplication Period at Yagami CampusScreening StatusNotes

Keio Graduate School Scholarship

September 27-30

The Google form will be closed at 4:45 p.m. on September 30.


Sakura Mita-kai Scholarship

Deadline: June 14 Additional recruitment

Keio University Degree Completion
Scholarship (Spring Semester)

[Economic distress due to COVID-19]

June 1-4

Application Form

Study Plan

15 Nagoya Mita-kai Scholarship April 26-30
14 Hamamatsu Mita-kai Scholarship April 26-30
13 Shinjuku Mita-kai Scholarship April 26-30
12 Hiroshima Keio Club Scholarship April 26-30
11 Sanuki Mita-kai Scholarship April 26-30
10 Gifu-ken Rengo Mita-kai Scholarship April 26-30
9 The 1994 Mita-kai Commemorative Scholarship April 26-30
8 The 1995 Mita-kai Commemorative Scholarship April 26-30
7 The 1996 Mita-kai Commemorative Scholarship April 26-30
6 Suginami Mita-kai 25th Anniversary Commemorative Scholarship April 26-30
5 Johoku Mita-kai Scholarship April 26-30
4 Sakura Mita-kai Scholarship April 26-30
3 The 121 Mita-kai Commemorative Scholarship April 26-30
2 The 118 Mita-kai Commemorative Scholarship (for Financial Support)

April 26-30

1 Kei Mori -L. R. Klein Scholarship

April 5-12

The Google form will be closed at 4:45 p.m. on April 12.

Application Form

Statement of Purpose