The Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio has been the alma mater of top scientists, engineers, and business leaders.

Our undergraduate program provides substantial basic courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, laboratory experiments, and programming. From the second year on, each undergraduate student chooses from one of eleven departments, and they work closely with faculty members in congenial surroundings to become specialists. At the same time, they study the humanities and social sciences to deepen their knowledge in liberal arts, and languages to expand their communication skills. The fourth year is the highlight of the undergraduate program: the graduation thesis.

Keio also offers a wide range of international exchange programs. Keio holds partnership agreements with top universities around the world, where students have the opportunity to study abroad for one year. Through the double degree program, selected students, after finishing their second year of undergraduate studies, can enroll in the engineering institutions of the prestigious Grandes Ecoles, and study with elite students in France for two years. In addition, we provide short-term study abroad programs where students can improve their language skills in English, German, or French; a special program to learn German and engineering at RWTH Aachen; summer sessions at American and European universities; and internships at U.S. companies.

The Graduate School of Science and Technology provides students with a world-class cutting-edge research environment. In 2003, we have established the International Graduate Programs on Advanced Science and Technology. Here students can earn their degrees with all lectures, research guidance, and thesis writing conducted in English. This program has promoted partnerships with many European universities, so now many Keio graduate students can go to Europe to continue their studies in the forefront of science and engineering research. In return, many outstanding students from Europe enroll in our graduate program to take part in advanced research. This has given a boost to the internationalization of the Keio Science and Technology Campus. The research facility of Keio is always expanding thanks to a variety of substantial funding from public and private sectors around the world. Keio also emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Students meet and work together with many fellow researchers.

Opportunities of global-scale employment are also increasing for Keio graduates. An increasing number of students are leaping out into the world and succeeding internationally. The Keio alumni “Mitakai” and other global networks always support our graduates, whether in helping to choose a career, or in launching a new businesses.

Science and technology is constantly evolving. Morals and ethics of scientists and engineers are increasingly called into question. By providing a principled and attentive education and a cutting-edge research environment, Keio University continues to provide the society with many highly qualified graduates.

Kohei M. Itoh

Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
Dean, Graduate School of Science and Technology