New Kyurizukai

Did you go on to the scientific course without worrying about the choice?
      Actually not. When I was in the third year of high school, I was a bit in doubt as to which course to choose, the Faculty of Political Science and Economics or Faculty of Science and Engineering. But I finally carried out my original intention and chose the latter. Of the many departments of the faculty, I had a vague longing for architectural science but gave up the idea quickly because I knew I lacked a sense of design. Then what attracted my interest instead was the study of space physics, so I chose the Department of Physics and Applied Physics. If I remember correctly, I chose Applied Physics because I thought it would be the better way for approaching practical use.
      That said, I became absorbed in sports again. I joined the faculty‚Äôs rugby club; I spent the first one and a half years of the campus life with practice, games and drinking parties day in, day out. In September when I was a sophomore, however, I suffered a serious injury. As a rugby beginner, I was allowed to take part in games only as a sophomore. During a game against the University of Tokyo, I had a neck bone broken when I was making a tackle. It was the first cervical vertebra. But it were the second cervical vertebra or any of the lower neck bones, one half of my body would have been paralyzed.
      I was confined in hospital for three months, ruining the latter half of the second year on campus. Although my neck was fixed with gypsum, as I became accustomed to it, I became able to move around inside the hospital and even began exercises using a treadmill and muscle training machines as part of rehabilitation. Looking back at my life, I think my health condition was best when I left the hospital (Laughter). Despite such circumstances, my classmates were kind enough to lend me their notebooks; I was somehow able to clear the new year exams and become a junior without staying two years as a sophomore.
      Incidentally, although I give up rugby soon after the accident, I returned to the rugby club from the middle of the third year.The last game as a senior was against the Keio (Faculty of Science and Technology) team. Coming from behind, our team finally won a victory with a try during overtime. The game took place nowhere else but on the rugby field on this Yagami campus of Keio! I cherish this memory even today.