New Kyurizukai

What was your life as a researcher like?
      Day after day, I went to the lab and devoted myself to research work until 2:00 a.m. As a short sleeper by nature, I could refresh myself after five hours of sleep, so such a lifestyle was not hard at all. What’s more, it was my daily routine to enjoy jogging with Dr. Akamatsu in the early evening. Thanks to that habit, I enjoy marathons even today. Every year I take part in major marathon races like the Shonan International Marathon.

You are very powerful. What does your energy come from?
      When I have to make any decision, I make it a rule to judge by likes/dislikes. Of course I choose what I like, so there is no room for stress to accumulate, I believe. Whenever I find something interesting, I challenge it single-mindedly and with all my energy. When I was working for Okayama University, I even assumed the post of CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for a venture business for a voice compression project. I frequented Tokyo because the venture business’ head office was located in Tokyo and I also had several non-researcher friends in Tokyo. So I had no anxiety at all when I decided to move from Okayama to Tokyo.
      To tell the truth, I am the younger sister of identical twins. My elder sister, Hiroe, passed away years ago. The loss of my sister largely changed my way of life. I made up my mind to live a double life including that of my sister – appreciating both pleasures and pains.
      Therefore, it is my rule to do research work with all my might and enjoy pleasures with all my might as well. Unless my work schedule is too tight or I have a business trip to take, I set aside Sundays as free days to enjoy myself to the fullest. I sometimes amuse myself, almost sleepless, from 23:00 of Saturday to 23:59 of Sunday. Frequenting drinking places not caring about money, shopping lavishly, enjoying outdoors with friends for camping, bathing, snowboarding, climbing, etc.
      For example, my holiday schedule for this month is already full (laughter). No matter how much I may enjoy a holiday, I never carry fatigue to the following day. It’s my principle.
      Enjoying a lot of delicious food is another pleasure although I specialize in eating (laughter). Eating well, learning well, playing well, being moved well by good things, laughing well, and shedding tears occasionally . . . This is my lifestyle.