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06 Masaki Takahashi I’d like to interact with society through dynamics and control technology.

Using the model base control technology and by digging up latent needs of people, Mr. Masaki Takahashi pursues the creation of products and systems truly needed by people and society. In his students’ ages, sports were the focus of his enthusiasm. He confesses that, though he was good at mathematics and physics, he was skeptical about why he was learning these subjects. But a lecture he received at the university class awakened his interest in dynamics and control technology, which brought him into a life of scientific research day and night. But his style of research pursuit has been inseparable from interaction with people and society. In fact, his sphere of activity extends far beyond his laboratory, with his eyes always directed toward the outside society.


1 Became interested in dynamics and control engineering for the first time as a university student.

photoWhat kind of life did you live as a student?
      Recalling those student days, I was totally absorbed in soccer and skiing. I took up soccer as an elementary school boy.
I was enthusiastic about this sport because eleven members playing their respective roles in a team play was great fun. During my junior high school days, I captained our school team, which even won the prefectural championship. Of course there were tough experiences, but I continued to exert myself to practice daily in a strong wish to produce a good result.
      As such a soccer-focused school boy, it was beyond imagination that I would choose a career as a researcher in the future. While I’m now specializing in control engineering and dynamics, for me as a high school student physics was merely a subject “a bit more favorite than liberal arts-oriented subjects.” Speaking of physics, however, what caught my interest was the fact that various questions converged into one answer as I solved a problem. In other words, I was led to an answer just as an entangled string comes undone smoothly. I still remember the refreshing and delightful excitement – one you could feel when you have solved a puzzle or mystery.

Then, about when did you become interested in control engineering and dynamics?
      I took an interest in these studies only after I was admitted to university. During my high school days, I couldn’t imagine that scientific formulas written in textbooks could be actually useful for society, nor could I recognize that they are necessary to understand and explain various phenomena in our lives. I should have noticed it much earlier.



1 Became interested in dynamics and control engineering for the first time as a university student.
2 Mentor’s lecture revolutionized my awareness.
3 Guiding students by emphasizing interaction with the outside world.
Profile Masaki Takahashi With control engineering and intelligent control engineering as his specialties, Mr. Takahashi uses model base control technology to address research themes relating to mechanical control, intelligent robotics and space engineering, among others. He obtained a doctor’s degree at Keio University Graduate School of Science and Technology in 2004. He became a postdoctoral research fellow at Keio University in 2004, a research associate at Keio’s Faculty of Science and Technology in 2005, an assistant professor in 2007, and the current position as an associate professor in 2009.

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