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Announcement of result "Saving Energy Poster Contest"

Updated January 25, 2007

This contest was held to promote saving energy to all students and staffs in Yagami Campus. There were 68 creative entries from 58 participants during the month.

4 wonderful posters were selected based on serving theme, overall appearance, creativity, lucidity and artistry.

Winners and prizes are:

1st award

Mr. Kenji Sugiyama
(Department of System Design Engineering, senior)

Prize: testimonial, iPod shuffle and Book coupon (10,000yen)

2nd award

Mr. Hidekazu Ishii
(Graduate School of Integrated Design Engineering, 1st year postgraduate)

Prize: testimonial, Book coupon (10,000yen)

3rd award

Mr. Hiroyuki Shimizu
(Department of Mechanical Engineering, junior)

Prize: testimonial, Starbucks card (5,000yen)

3rd award

Mr. Yuki Kawamura
(Department of Information and Computer Science, senior)

Prize: testimonial, Starbucks card (5,000yen)

All entries are exhibited at the lobby of Sousoukan Building. Let's save energy now!