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Double-degree program with Intergroupe des Ecoles Centrale

Updated March 14, 2005

Keio University concluded the framework agreement including the double-degree program with four univ

Keio University and the Intergroupe des Ecoles Centrale: Four universities in Lille, Lyon, Nantes and Paris (hereinafter referred to as the EC group)concluded the framework agreement. Four presidents of the the EC group and Yuichiro Anzai, President of Keio University, performed the signing ceremony on March 7, 2005.  According to the framework agreement, In April in 2005, Keio University and the EC group will establish the double-degree program based on merge of curriculum between the two groups, for development of engineers with international sensibility as well as broad outlook and expertise.
[Outline of the agreement on the Double-Degree Program]
1.When sudents of Keio University or the EC group completed total six years of Master’s degree (at the Graduate School of Science and Technology of Keio University) after two years of study in Japan or France, they are certified as Centrale Engineer Degree (Ingenieur de l'Ecole Centrale) as well as Master’s degree (Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science) for Keio University at Keio University.
2.As the first class from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University, some five students will be sent to the EC group in summer of 2006.
3.As the first class from the EC group, three students (candidates are determined already) are planned to be accepted in September 2005.
4.Students of the Faculty of Science and Technology take an examination of Keio University and the receiving university of the EC group before promoting to the third grade, and, after passing the selection, go to France for two years of study. After returning to Japan, they enter to Master’s course of the Graduate school of Science and Technology of Keio University.
5.Students of the EC group, after finishing two year of the common courses at Grande Ecoles and another two years of the specialized courses at the EC group, enter the Graduate School of Science and Technology of Keio University. (Students take the English courses of the International Graduate Programs, or according to the level of Japanese language skill, they may get enrolled in regular lecture courses in Japanese.)
* About the Intergroupe des Ecoles Centrale
The Intergroupe des Ecoles Centrale is the alliance of four Grande Ecoles for engineering. They are certified in France as establishment of higher education, and provide engineering education to which internship programs at business organizations and overseas programs are introduced as the curriculum. Their education system for development of specialists of engineering and generalists with global view are highly appreciated in France and abroad. The strong partnership with the business community is another advantage of the group.