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Yagami Festival Ends in Success

Updated October 22, 2004

The 5th Yagami Festival took place at Yagami campus on October 16 and 17. 12 Laboratories from Faculty of Science and Technology planned exhibitions, Clean Energy Forum, open science classes, and etc. Other student groups held seminars, stages, futsal matches, fun house, food sales, flea markets and various other entertaining booths. Lively atmosphere and music from bands filled the campus on a crisp fall weekend. At the finale, fireworks beautifully illuminated the night sky. Number of visitors exceeded 6000 this year, increase by 1000 from last year. We thank all the students, faculty staff, alumni, other staffs and local visitors for the success of this event.

L:Steps,in front of the campus  R:Performance

L:Steps,in front of the campus  R:Performance

L:Let's have a look for the Champion Robot of "RoboCup Football match"
R:A stall presented by the women's group of Yagami area

L:Stalls  R:Lookin' Good Contest

L:Stalls  R:Lookin' Good Contest

L:A class called

L:A class called "Water Rocket"  R:"Nagerare-ya", who are thrown something