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Advancing New Design Science & The Dawn of New Super Designers

MATSUOKA, Yoshiyuki (Ph.D)

It has been predicted that the 21st century will witness a rapid increase in extraordinary design. “Extraordinary design” is artificial design, which is used in extraordinary environments like outer space, the deep sea, micro, or nano. Examples include probes moving around the deep sea and micro-robots that can navigate our blood vessels. However, as designers and architects cannot experience such environments themselves, more is needed than merely relying on the conventional formula of combining the creativity and instinct of designers and architects. Design created by fusing science and engineering is indispensible from now on, and “design science” is needed to propel such research and bring it to incarnation.

With this background, we are doing research on new design theory and methodology, which expresses the manifestation of human behavior that is design, through the medium of mathematics. Based on this theory and methodology we are also carrying out research and development of a new design system that has designers and computers cooperating with each other. An example of this is the “emergent design system”, which focuses on biological diversity and copies its development mechanism process through engineering.

Inserting developmental biology knowledge into computers, it was possible to create various design plans, with the computers capable of fulfilling our needs and desires.

We are currently inserting this system into robots and have begun research whereby robots can literally plasticize themselves and change from to adapt to a new environment, in the way that plants do.

At my laboratory, design education is taking place by combining conventional industrial design and engineering design based on scientific knowledge to achieve the aim of “super designer”.  Some alumni are already playing an active role in this exciting new field of design. If you are interested, please see my laboratory’s website.