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Aspiration for knowing

MAKABE,Toshiaki (Ph.D)

Motion picture of plasma etching by “VicAddress”
(predictive CAD)

When we come across the unknown, we wish to know and understand it. This is the first step to research and a strong motivation that inspires young people to the world of research.
Around the last millennium, science and technology made rapid progress towards the arriving Ubiquitous era. At the same time, archaeological discoveries came to light and the history of science and technology harked back to the past. Discoveries proved that Japanese culture sprouted from a contact and collaboration of Jomon men and Yayoi men. The 5,000 years old Iceman that suddenly appeared in the European Southern Alps was dressed in such beautiful clothing, and drove us to romantic imaginations. Science and technology, born and grown from the everyday life of human beings, going to and fro, has continuously developed for centuries to our present time.
In the last quarter of the 20th century, there was an astonishing progress in Si-LSI. We rejoiced at the silicon era and our desire extends endlessly, demanding for the Ubiquitous era. In this amazing age which is being built on silicon chips, one of the key players is a plasma nano-processing technology based on the four state of matter, “plasma”. I have developed a physical CAD to design unique plasma based on quantum characteristics of atoms and molecules and to predict a top-down nano-process, “VicAddress” (Ref.; Plasma Electronics: Applications in Microelectronic Device Fabrication (Taylor & Francis)

Every time I encounter unexplored issue, I think based on my own skills and knowledge, without being held to accepted notions. I have shared with students the importance of and delight in such approaches, through which I granted Ph.D degrees to more than 20 students.