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Communication robots and computer science

Michita Imai (Ph.D)

Handing him a piece of bread

Reacting to the sensor embedded in the cup

Reacting to the sensor embedded in the diary

Various types of robots have been developed and created these days, such as Sonyfs AIVO and QRIO, Hondafs ASIMO and Toyotafs partner robot. These achievements were based on research and development of machine processing, motion control and other technologies regarding mechanical structures of robot bodies and how to move them. An important key to develop a robot that can talk with people and understand people to perform adequately is in how to develop intelligence of them. It has been studied how to materialize intelligence of machines and how to utilize intelligent machines for peoplefs life, in the field of computer science through research of artificial intelligence, voice interaction system, image processing, integration of sensing information, communication support and others.
Intelligent processing cultivated in the computer science field will become far more important for activities of robots involved in people's life. Please imagine that a robot shows you a product and starts describing it, saying "Look at this." In order to give this single phrase to people, various kinds of technologies are required for a robot. A wide range of technologies need to be intertangled appropriately, such as robot Sensing technology to find out the product, motion control technology to move the robot arm to point at the product, voice creation system, technology to move the eye line between the person and the product repeatedly to suggest what is the target item, technology to judge if the person pays attention to the product and others, just to start describing a product.
Integration between computer science dedicated to the study of intelligence and robotics with accumulated knowledge and know-how regarding bodies will bring forth a robot telling you various kinds of matters as assistant at your elbow.