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Actuator Sensor Robot based on learning from life

MAENO, Takashi (Ph.D)

Member of BioRobotics Laboratory

Mouse-type haptic device and a virtual robot hand

Master/slave robot hands with five fingers

Our BioRobotics Laboratory has studied "Actuator (motor) Sensor Robot based on learning from life." As one of the themes, we are working on development of ultrasonic motor based on learning from locomotive patterns of long and soft-body creatures. Earthworms move by means of longitudinal swept-back waves, caterpillars by flexural forward waves, and inchworms by flexural standing waves. The ultrasonic motor which modeled after locomotive patterns of those creatures, different from conventional electromagnetic motors, activates quietly but powerfully. Another theme of our research is in tactile sensation. We have studied a wide variety of subjects regarding tactic sensation of human fingers, from clarification of "why people have fingerprint" to development of tactile sensors for robot hands having fingerprints to determine whether the surface is smooth or rough, and to uplift an object whose weight is unknown, without crashing it. Robots with evolutionary computation are also covered by our research. Living matters have acquired beauty and dynamics for its shape and action, adapting to the environment, through natural selection. In consideration of the above, we are doing research on a biped robot which autonomously acquires its optimal form and motion patterns. We have developed master/slave robot hands with five fingers, that is, a teleoperator robot system. When the operator activates the master robot hand of our teleoperator system under development, the slave robot hand located in a remote area follows skillfully and delicately the action of the master robot hands. The teleoperation system may allow us to handle dexterously matters which we hardly could touch with, such as extreme environment in universe or atomic furnaces, medical areas, micro operation, and virtual reality. As described we are working on new ways of MONOZUKURI, based on learning from creatures, for innovation of human life environment.