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If you find a chair which is comfortable to sit in, probably it is my work.

YAMAZAKI, Nobutoshi (Ph.D.)

Why people's backbone took such a shape?

If you understand the mechanical fundamentals, you may have a new idea for a better-fitting chair.

My laboratory is working on development of chairs, shoes and beds. It may be better to explain why "hair" for mechanical engineering, first. When I entered university, it was in the stage of development and introduction of industrial robots. It was actively pursued to study human arms. While others were working on arms, I simply determined to challenge study of legs. I started with research of walking machine, and was made to realize how subtle and clever walking systems human beings and animals had. In this context, I have concentrated on research of mechanical necessity and kinetic fundamentals - why human body took such a shape and posture, or biomechanics and ergonomics, for more than 20 years.
Through the research work, I have learned and found various kinds of things. In view of those findings, I started to consider that there was something different in the way of conventional product development. In the conventional way, there was an attempt to standardize values based on average data of various kinds of people's body. This means, however, if your size is different from the average, the product would not fit you. The product, as a result, would hardly be able to satisfy many people. If you consider and develop products paying attention to kinetic fundamentals, you may understand, for example, that people's preference for chair is affected by the shape of their backbone. You may calculate optimal values how to support their back more comfortably. Product development in view of biomechanics and ergonomics has already started to be put into practical use in various fields such as welfare equipment and car seats of near-future vehicles. At the Motor Show, actually, a concept car was placed on exhibition.