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Admission Schedule

Admission Schedule for 2017 Enrollment (Master's amd Ph.D. Programs)

For more information please see the Application Guide below.

Application Fee

Procedure for payment of Application Fee by Credit Card (PDF)

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Application Guide and Forms

English-based Program (International Graduate Program=IGP) for Master's and Ph.D. Programs 2017  

Application Guide
Application Form
FAQ of IGP (Master's Program) , (Ph.D.Program)
For the students who wish to apply for the Double Degree program, please click HERE.

Japanese-based program for Master's Program 2017

Application Guide / 募集要項 (English and Japanese)
Application Form / 出願書類 (English and Japanese) *
FAQ of Japanese-based (English)


日本で日本語の試験が受けられる方へ M6/M8入試
For students who can take an examination in Japan in Japanese: Master's Programs M6/M8

*既に日本に滞在していて、日本語の入学試験が受けられる留学生は、日本人学生向けの修士課程入学試験(6月または8月)を受けることも可能です。(6月入試の出願期間は4月中旬、8月入試の出願期間は7月中旬ごろです。)詳細は、入学試験要項 をご覧下さい。 その場合、日本留学試験または日本語能力試験(1級)を受ける必要はありません。入学時期は、9月または翌年の4月のどちらかを選択できます。

**Applicants who have already stayed in Japan and can take an examination in Japanese in Japan have the option of applying for the examination for domestic students in June (application period: middle of April) or August (application period: middle of July). See "Admission Information". If this is the case, the EJU or Japanese-Language Proficiency Test will not be required. The enrollment will either be in September or in April.



For students who can taken an oral examination in Japan: Ph.D. Programs D2/D7

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