Emerging 2016

総合デザイン工学専攻総合デザイン工学専攻53The Center for Multidisciplinary and Design ScienceCurrent academic frameworks cannot handle simultaneous optimizing problems related to multiple disciplines because they are significantly specialized and subdivided in each field in accordance with remarkable growth of scale and complexity of artifacts and with sophistication of science and technology. This center aims to develop a new academic framework consisting of the multidisciplinary science solving such interdisciplinary problems and of the design science applying the multidisciplinary science to creation of artifacts. Three methodologies used here, i.e., multiscale, multiphysics and multiaspect, integrate science and design that can be common bases for multiple disciplines.Key words: Multiscale, Multiphysics, MultiaspectThe Center for System Integration EngineeringRecent advances of technology are achieved rapidly, but progress occurring independently in different fields of engineering, resulted in a plethora of technological elements that have never been properly integrated. The Center for System Integration Engineering intends to capitalize on recent advances in mechanical engineering and electrical/electronic and information engineering in an effort to create integrated systems. We intend to create new engineering values and design technologies by optimizing and integrating design within the broader environment of society and nature.Key words: Analysis and synthesis of complex phenomena, Functional integration and design, Intelligent information systems design The Center for Electronics and Electrical EngineeringElectrical and electronics technologies are among the essential technologies of the modern information society. The Center for Electronics and Electrical Engineering promotes further developments in these fields and covers a wide range of research activities, such quantum technology, semiconductor physics, signal processing, nano-scaled devices, new functional photonic devices, organic devices, system LSI, image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, optical communication system, and wireless communication system. The center aims to develop new technologies for extreme conditions and system technologies necessary to achieve global excellence in advanced electronics and electrical engineering.Key words: Nano-electronics, Photonic Devices, Organic Devises, System LSIs, Optical and Image Sensing, Media Signal Processing, Communication SystemsThe Center for Material Design ScienceThe "Center for Material Design Science" was created to initiate a new academic discipline of new materials by a breakthrough from the conventional barriers between science and engineering, and between physics and chemistry. The study of materials has always been an important research field, but academic approaches separated into independent fields. In physics, to date, research has mainly focused on the characterization and estimation of materials. In chemistry, focus has been on the synthesis of materials. There has been little positive exchange of ideas between these fields. Thus, the primary goal of postgraduate study in the Center is to create novel materials and characteristics featuring new functions by interdisciplinary mixes, and, of course, to educate our students in such a research approach. Key words: New material design, New function design, Function assembly



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