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20理工学研究科要覧●数理科学専修基礎理工学専攻統合数理科学を目指すwelcome to「数理科学」とは、数学および数学と諸科学との関係領域に構築された学問分野の総称であり、数学理論(いわゆる純粋数学)の探求ともに、現実現象の記述(抽象化・定式化・モデル化)の開発にも重点を置くものです。 1981年、慶應義塾は他大学にさきがけて数理科学科を設置しましたが、数理科学はあらゆる科学技術を語る共通の言葉として、理工学はもちろん、経済学の現象記述にまで至る広範囲の領域をカバーしてます。 Mathematics is the common language for all the sciences. It probes behind outward physical appearances to grasp the inner meaning of natural and social phenomena and deepens our understanding of complex phenomena. In 1981, Keio University established the Department of Mathematics with the broad goal of contributing to the progress of mathematics, and with a special emphasis on "mathematical sciences," the boundary areas between mathematics, sciences and economics. The research specialties of the graduate program in Mathematics cover several areas in pure and applied mathematics and statistics, giving students the opportunity to work towards masters or doctoral degrees under close supervision. This distinctive feature of our department allows sta and students alike to experience being a part of the universal activity of mathematics, a pinnacle of human achievement.MathematicsMathematics



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