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19基礎理工学専攻基礎理工学専攻基礎理工学専攻基礎理工学専攻The Center for MathematicsThe Center for Mathematics offers graduate programs in mathematics, statistics, and information mathematics. These programs are an excellent preparation for post-graduate positions in industry, government, finance, and teaching, as well as for the advanced study of mathematics. Graduate programs leading to the Master's Degree and the Doctoral Degree are also offered. Students can work for Master's or Doctorates in either Science or Engineering, according to their program concentration and/or their degree objectives. Our staff includes specialists in Functional Analysis, Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Topology, Probability Theory, Ergodic Theory, Algebra, Number Theory, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Statistics and Computer Science. Staffs are qualified to supervise student work leading to Master's and/or Doctoral Degrees.Key words: Mathematics, Statistics The Center for PhysicsPhysics is a branch of learning in which the principles and fundamental laws of nature are studied. The major tasks of the field cover a wide spectrum: understanding the universe, elementary particles, living things and human artifacts, and exploring new phenomena and their formulations. In our Center of Physics we place emphasis on experimental and theoretical studies of the properties of solids, liquids, livingbodies, atoms and molecules all under a variety of conditions so that we can contribute to advances in science and technology.Key words: General Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Laser Physics, Biophysics, Astrophysics The Center for Molecular ChemistryMolecular Chemistry is a unified research field of a wide range of chemical science, including quantum chemistry, organometallic chemistry, material chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, natural product chemistry, cluster chemistry, biochemistry, and polymer chemistry. The core subjects being investigated in the Center are (1) design and synthesis of novel, versatile and functional inorganic and organic compounds, organometallics and nanomaterials, (2) physicochemical understanding of chemical reactions, and (3) clarification of complex biological phenomena. In addition, important Center goals are development of molecular devices essential for progress in electronic technology and development of useful pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.Key words: Theoretical Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Material Chemistry The Center for Applied Physics and Physico-InformaticsCreating a livable climate means balancing the complex relation among and between human information, technology, and economics, with the natural environment of our planet -all within a viable framework of physical principles. Understanding these components and developing new methods to interpret and ultimately to resolve conflicts forces are the major objectives of our educational and research endeavors. The first part of the Center name,"Applied Physics", represents the application of physical principles to numerous fields in science and technology. The second part, "Physico-Informatics", emphasizes the importance of advanced mathematical analysis of information governed by the laws of physics. It also indicates the strong commitment to develop applied physics as a new key for the advancement of today's information technology.Key words: Applied Physics, Instrumentation Engineering, Medical Physics The Center for Chemical Biology“Chemical biology”as fusion of“chemistry”and“biology”is one of the most promising fields of science and technology. “Chemical biology”is a new field involving analysis and synthesis. The core subjects being carried out in the Center include 1) fundamental developmental biology, 2) clarification of signal transduction in cells, 3) design and synthesis of natural and artificial bioactive molecules, 4) design and synthesis of soft matters and biomacromolecules possessing novel diversity and functionality, and development of biomedical tools and techniques for drug delivery and tissue engineering.Key words: Biochemistry Molecular Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry The Center for Biosciences and InformaticsThe new field that integrates wet biology, represented by molecular and cellular biologies, and computer sciences has been considered as one of the most important fields for life science in the 21st century. While extensive and comprehensive measurement systems for important biomolecules, such as nucleic acid, protein and sugar chain, and interaction among them being developed, accumulation of staggering volume of information has been increased rapidly. Our prime task is therefore in development of human resources capable of analyzing the life process from viewpoints of systems biology and informatics. In the Center for Biosciences and Informatics, we are working on a wide scope of subjects including utilization of life-related functions, screening of new medicines and brain science in addition to clarification of the life process.Key words: Proteomics, Clinical Engineering Molecular Cell Biology, Glycoengineering, Bioinformatics, Bio-imaging, Brain Science



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