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142理工学研究科要覧学生生活と課外活動届け出・申請 Notifications and Applications次のような届出は、学生課 学生生活担当窓口に提出します。    学外行事届          海外活動申請書         学内集会届              施設使用許可願        掲示届             遺失物・拾得物の届    盗難被害届          授業料延納申請         授業料減免申請    駐輪場使用申請書       車両入構許可願The following notifications and applications should be submitted to the Student Life, Career Services in the Office of Student Services.学生健康保険互助組合 Student Health Insurance Union 医科・歯科を問わず、健康保険取扱のどこの病院・診療所(接骨院・整骨院を除く)にかかっても「医療給付」が受けられます。本人負担分は1,000円です。診療を受ける際には、受付に必ず健康保険証を提示し、請求された料金を支払ってください。 一般病院受診者は、学生課 学生生活担当にある所定の「医療費領収証明書」に病院の証明を受けるか、又は領収書を添付して学生課 学生生活担当に提出してください。この証明書と引き替えに受付カードを発行し、受付の翌月に本人名義の銀行口座に振り込みます。慶應義塾大学病院受診者は健康保険証と一緒に学生証を初診窓口に提示し、学生課 学生生活担当窓口に備えてある「医療給付金振込口座届」を提出してください。 塾内診療所受診者は診療所窓口で学生証を提示し、受診してください。診療費の半額を請求されるのでお支払いください。診療費の半額は学生健保が負担しています。診療所での診察は保険医療ではありません。 組合ではこの他、トレーニングルーム(日吉塾生会館内)、契約旅館の申し込みも受け付けています。夏季には「海の家」も開設しています。詳しくは「健保の手引き」を参照してください。Students enrolled in this program are entitled to medical benefits for expenses incurred for medical or dental treatment at hospitals or clinics that accept Japanese public health insurance. Students pay a deductible/co-payment of 1,000 yen for these treatments. However, treatment at orthopedic or osteopathic clinics is not covered. Students must present their Student Health Insurance Union card at the reception and pay the requested amount.For visits to General hospitals (or clinic), students need to supply the Student Life, Career Services of the Office of Student Services with Keio’s prescribed Iryohi ryoshu shomeisho (a document for certifying the charges made for treatment). Ask the Student Life, Career Services for this document in advance and give it to the hospital to fill out or get it afterward and attach the receipt from treatment. In either case, the Student Life, Career Services presents the student with a reception ticket, and the school will deposit the payment (minus 1,000 yen) directly to the student’s bank account the following month. For treatment at Keio University Hospital, students should present their health insurance card and student ID card on the first visit, and complete and submit an Iryo kyufukin furikomi koza todoke (Notification of bank account information for payment of medical benefit, available from the Student Life, Career Services) to the Office of Student Services. Students using Keio University Clinics should present their student ID card at the clinic reception. You will be asked to pay half of the fee, and the Student Health Insurance Union will pay the remaining half, as the examinations/consultations are not covered by public health insurance.Notification of Event Outside SchoolFacilities Use RequestTheft/Damage NotificationBicycle Parking ApplicationApplication for Overseas ActivitiesRequest to Post a NoticeApplication to Defer Payment of TuitionPermission to Bring Vehicle on School GroundsNotification of Gathering on School GroundsNotification of Lost or Found ItemsApplication for Tuition Exemption



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