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127●JSPS Research Fellowship for Young ScientistsOne of the stated purposes of JSPS is to foster new generations of talented young researchers through various initiatives, including fellowships for doctoral program students and post-doctoral researchers. The amounts of the fellowships are indicated in the table below, and all the fellowship recipients are eligible to apply for Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows. Each year, there are more than 40 JSPS fellows adopted in the Graduate School o f Science and Technology.●KLL Research Grant for Ph.D. programThis grant is provided for expenses related to research activities of doctoral program students. Every year, about one third of the students registered in the programs (from 100 to 150 students) make use of the grant up to 300,000 yen (*3).(*3): The amount may vary according the number of recipients.Doctoral ProgramsConditions and Amounts for Scholarships (2015 Results)Scholarship NameKeio Graduate School ScholarshipShinzo Koizumi Memorial ScholarshipFujiwara ScholarshipAtsushi Tamura Memorial Scholarship for Graduate StudyOther scholarshipsRemarks500,000 yen/year360,000 yen/year840,000 yen/year600,000 yen/year252,000〜2,400,000 yen/yearAmountSpecific to KeioSelected internallyGraduate School of Science and Technology endowmentSelected internallySelected by providing organizationApplication PeriodApril Student:Mid MaySeptember Student:Mid OctoberEarly JanuaryEarly JanuaryEarly JanuaryApril-JuneYear 1  Recipients2 0 4 2 4 Year 2  Recipients2 3 3 1  2 Year 3  Recipients2 2 6 0 7 JASSO1,464,000 yen/yearCategory 1 (Loan)Early April16 16 19 Number of students in 2014 who received exemption from repayment of loan for outstanding results Full exemption: 2 Exemption of half of loan: 2     Class1st year doctoral student2nd year doctoral student  Postdoctoral Student  Special Postdoctoral StudentAmount (monthly)200,000 yen200,000 yen362,000 yen446,000 yenNo. of 2015 Awardees   23   17   4   0ReferenceJSPS FellowshipsDoctoral program students have additional research funding options aveailable to provide economic support for research activities, including Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowships, and Keio Leading-edge Laboratory of Science and Technology (KLL) Grant-in-Aid for Doctoral program students.



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