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126理工学研究科要覧奨学金と研究助成The Graduate School of Science and Technology has a rich selection of scholarships and research aid programs available to graduate students. In 2015, 59 percent of Master’s course students received assistance in the form of grants or loans. In doctoral programs 284 of 279 enrolled students had scholarships or research grants. (Since scholarships and research grants are given to outstanding students, there are actually many cases where a scholarship student has also received a research grant, the actual number of recipients is less than the total number of awarded scholarships or research grants.)Keio scholarships are largely scholarships that do not have to be paid back and are divided into the three groups, Scholarships specific to Keio, Endowed scholarships from individuals or organizations specific to the Graduate School of Science and Technology, and other types of scholarships. Each year, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) also provides scholarship loans to many students. JASSO has a system in place for its Category 1 loans in which students can have all or part of their loan repayment waived, determined by ranking based on a set of standards for research results during the period of study.In addition to the above scholarship system, Keio also has an educational loan program in place for graduate students through which students can borrow academic fees directly from financial institutions. This grant for master’s program students is designed to support expenses to present research findings at overseas academic conferences, which covers flight and accommodations, ground transportation, and conference registration fees, one time only but up to 130,000 yen (*). In FY2015, about 250 Master’s program students were adopted from the funding. (*): The amount may vary according the number of recipients.●KLL Research Grant for Master’s programMaster’s ProgramsConditions and Amounts for Scholarships (2015 Results)Scholarship NameKeio Graduate School ScholarshipShinzo Koizumi Memorial ScholarshipBurkitt ScholarshipOther scholarshipsRemarks500,000 yen/year360,000 yen/year300,000 yen/year100,000〜1,440,000 yen/yearAmountSpecific to KeioSelected internallyGraduate School of Science and Technology EndowmentSelected by providing organizationApplication PeriodApril Student:Mid MaySeptember Student:Mid OctoberEarly JanuaryEarly JanuaryApril-JuneYear 1  Recipients36 3 3 33 (of which are loans: 1)Year 2  Recipients22 3 3 33 (of which are loans: 3)JASSO1,056,000 yen/yearCategory 1 (Loan)Early April356 368 Number of students in 2014 who received exemption from repayment of loan for outstanding results Full exemption: 34 Exemption of half of loan: 69Scholarships and Research Grant



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