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121Ph.D. programSchool of Integrated Design Engineering(1) The outcome of the candidate’s Ph.D. research should contribute to the advancement of science, technology, and industrial development. The candidate must possess sufficient knowledge and understanding in his/her field of study, and be qualified to lead innovative research and development activities internationally.(2) A multiple number of publications in appropriate academic journals (including those that have been accepted for publication but not printed) based on the candidate’s Ph.D. research is considered standard for the Ph.D. degree application. (3) Submission of the research achievements.As a reference to determine whether the Ph.D. degree should be conferred, the following should be submitted with the application: 1) Published articles (including those that have been accepted for publication but yet to be printed); 2) Records of presentations at academic meetings and international conferences; 3) Description of other research activities.School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems(1) The criteria for determining if a Ph.D. degree should be awarded are as follows; (a) the candidate possesses sufficient knowledge and understanding of his/her field of study, (b) the candidate is capable of conducting highly sophis/herticated and intellectually productive engineering activities, and (c) the candidate is familiar with basic methodologies to carry out engineering tasks. Since this school aims to expand scientific and technological methodologies to many fields, we accept flexibility in the forms of research and presentation.(2) The Ph.D. thesis will be examined by an examination committee, chaired by the student’s (major) advisor.(3) When deciding on the student’s research plan, the student’s advisor will specify the criterion that will be used to judge his/her completion of the Ph.D. Program.(4) A Ph.D. candidate shall report to the committee his/her research accomplishments, including papers published in research journals as well as publications in other formats in related fields.In certain cases, the candidate will be required to submit the following information, related to his/her Ph.D. research activities: 1) Records of presentations given at international conferences and academic meetings 2) Research experience The student must ask his/her advisor whether to include above two information or not.Ph.D. students may pursue studies leading to any of the following degrees: The School of Fundamental Science and Technology: Ph.D. in Engineering or Ph.D. in Science The School of Integrated Design Engineering: Ph.D. in Engineering or Ph.D. in Science The School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems: Ph.D. in Engineering In addition to these, the degree of Doctor of Arts may be conferred.Types of Ph.D. degrees



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