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120理工学研究科要覧Curriculum Ph.D. programA successful completion of the Ph.D. Program is based on the following procedure. (1) Establishment of an evaluation committee among the faculty members belonging to one of the three sub-Schools to which the Ph.D. candidate belongs. External members from outside of the School and/or University may be added to the committee if appropriate.(2) Evaluation of the Ph.D. thesis and an open-to-public research presentation by the candidate. (3) A closed-door examination by the committee on the basic knowledge related to the candidate’s field of research, and language (English and Japanese).(4) A total and final evaluation of the candidate by the members of the sub-School.Further evaluation details and standards vary depending on the sub-School.Evaluation for a Ph.D. DegreeSchool of Fundamental Science and Technology(1) Nomination as a Ph.D. candidateEach research advisor is responsible for the nomination of his/her students to the School as Ph.D. candidates when they are fully prepared to receive a Ph.D.. The advisor requests the School for the official permission to start the evaluation procedure.(2) Submission of list of research achievementsThe main outcome of the thesis is required to have been published or accepted for publication in major research journals by the end of the final evaluation. Candidates are expected to turn in 1) a list of research presentations at international and domestic scientific meetings, 2) a list of publications including those that have been submitted but not accepted, and 3) a CV describing the candidate’s previous experience in research and teaching. The candidate should follow instructions from his/her advisor (the person scheduled to act as the primary reviewer) when to prepare 1) through 3).(3) Preliminary reviewThose students who plan to finish the Ph.D. Program must undergo a preliminary review before filing an application for the degree. The Ph.D. thesis does not have to be completed for the preliminary review to begin. The candidate’s qualification as a Ph.D. is evaluated by all members of the sub-School and by external committee members of the candidate’s thesis, based on the lists of research achievements submitted. After passing the preliminary review, the formal review for a Ph.D. degree is officially initiated. ●Details and standards of the Ph.D. evaluation procedure



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