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119●Selecting an Academic AdvisorUpon admission to the Ph.D. Program, an advisor must be selected from among those in charge of the DEL Graduate Research 2 to be taken in association with the major field. This advisor will offer guidance for the doctoral dissertation. If necessary, guidance may be given jointly by multiple advisors.●Courses to be taken for the Ph.D. Graduate Research courseThe Ph.D. Graduate Research course consists mainly of guidance from the advisor on the preparation of a Ph.D. thesis and a discussion between him and the student.Upon entering the Ph.D. Program, students will be expected to report on the subjects they wish to pursue as the Ph.D. Graduate Research, after receiving their advisor’s approval. This must be done within the registration period. If the student and advisor find it necessary, one may specify courses that are offered in the Master’s Program or in other research departments. ●Publication of the research resultsA student in the Ph.D. Program is strongly urged to publish his/her research results. It is recommended that he/she submit his/her work to a professional publication or introduce the results at an international conference or major academic congress. The publication will be presented as academic achievement at the completion of the Ph.D. Program.The requirements to complete the doctoral program are: at least one academic year in the Ph.D. Program (standard duration is three acdemic years), completion of the Ph.D. Graduate Research (six credits), approval of the Ph.D. thesis, and passing of the final evaluation.A student may complete his/her Ph.D. Program in one to two and a half years (a total of three or more years combined with the time spent in the Master’s Program) if he/she produces outstanding research results.Requirements for completion of the Ph.D. ProgramPh.D. programPh.D. program



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