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Message from Students

V. V. K (From India)


Q1. Why did you decide to study at Keio?

I wanted to pursue higher studies in Electronics engineering. I applied to a number of universities in US, Europe and Singapore and Keio.

I got admissions from many universities but I chose Keio for two main reasons. First, Japan is one of the best places to study is a well known fact as there are many world famous companies that have dominated the electronics world for a few decades now. Also, the collaboration between industry and academia gives a chance to have hands on experience on the cutting edge technology. Another important reason for choosing Keio University is that if offers masters and doctoral course in English. So the students can graduate without learning Japanese, although it is very helpful if you know the language. Also, studying in Japan gave me the rare opportunity to experience the unique Japanese culture.

Q2. How is your life in Japan/Keio?

I like the experience I had while studying at Keio. Studying in Japan gives you a unique opportunity to learn the Japanese culture through interacting with Japanese students. Also, the university has students from all over the world, which helps you understand different cultures. People here are very helpful and supportive. Since I learned the Japanese language after coming to Japan, I could interact with more and more people which made my stay in Japan easier. I however, as an Indian student, I faced a big hurdle in terms of food. But now I can manage with the Japanese food.

K.L.T (from Malaysia)
S.R.A (from Malaysia)
Z.G (from U.S.A.)
V.V.K (From India)
L.G.J (From Spain)
R.M.B. (from The Philippines)

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