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Message from Students

Z.G (from U.S.A.)

Master's 2nd Year Student


Hideo Saito Laboratory
Department of Information & Computer Science
Faculty of Science and Technology
Keio University

with lab members

Q1. Why did you decide to study at Keio?

I chose Keio University for my Master's degree because of the strong emphasis on research and the large world-wide academic network the Keio is a part of. Keio is one of the leading institutions for high education in Japan, as well as the oldest. The Master's course work is designed so to prepare you for writing a thesis in your second year and the support for the advisors is great. Furthermore, Keio has strong connections with many other universities and companies all over the world, which encourages students to visit laboratories to exchange and discuss their research. I strongly recommend emailing a few prospective advisors and telling them your interests and asking about their laboratories, they are all very friendly and helpful!

Q2. How is your campus life at Keio?

Keio has facilities for just about any kind of activity imaginable. I often play softball or soccer with my lab mates or fellow international students on the fields located on campus. There is a large network of clubs (called circles) which cover everything from practicing tea ceremony to funk music bands. On most weekends there is some event or another being planned by the international student center, the dormitories, or fellow Japanese students which help you take a break from research experience Japanese culture.

Q3. Please give a message to the prospective students.

If you are searching for a graduate program at a world class University that provides and international experience, Keio University is a good place to look. Not only will you be working alongside researchers who lead their field, you will be making life long contacts from people all over the world.

K.L.T (from Malaysia)
S.R.A (from Malaysia)
Z.G (from U.S.A.)
V.V.K (From India)
L.G.J (From Spain)
R.M.B. (from The Philippines)

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