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Message from Students

S.R.A (from Malaysia)

Doctor's Course 1st year



Salam Perkenalan. I am a Keio University PhD student in School of Integrated Design Engineering /The Center for Smart Device and System Engineering. My area of research is focused on semiconductor materials and process/LSI device technology on a nano-scale order.

with her husband in front of Mt.Fuji

The reason why I decided to study at Keio

Keio University is one of the oldest universities in Japan and highly evaluated from all over the world. Keio University was founded in 1858 by Yukichi Fukuzawa, a highly respected intellectual leader and visionary. It is also known for producing many politicians and prime ministers of Japan, one of them is Junichiro Koizumi. I really wanted to study at the same school where most of the Japan leaders are from, so that when people ask me where I am studying now, I can answer it “In the same place where this prime minister studied”. Also, I heard about the spirit of Keio University ”Dokuritsu-Jison, Independence and Self-Respect” where we have to learn how to obtain knowledge from different viewpoints and managing everything by ourselves so that we could bring the best results for our study.

The spirit of Yukichi Fukuzawa

“It is said that heaven does not create one man above or below another man. Any existing distinction between the wise and the stupid, between the rich and the poor, comes down to a matter of education”. (1872, By Yukichi Fukuzawa, The Keio University Founder) The clear vision of Yukichi Fukuzawa toward educations has fascinated me to study in this school. For better education, Keio University provides such a reliable staffs, a good environment, and great facilities for students to study and doing research. Students in Keio University are just like a big family, connected to each others, no matter where you are from or what color of your skin is. We can exchange information with other students from all over the world and observing things from different viewpoints.

with the professors at "European Material Research Society Conference" inFrance

A message to the prospective students

I am proud to be a Keio student, not only because it is one of the oldest universities in Japan, but also the noble spirit of Yukichi Fukuzawa helps me to develop myself so that I can make a big contribution for my country in the future. So why don’t you take the challenge too?

K.L.T (from Malaysia)
S.R.A (from Malaysia)
Z.G (from U.S.A.)
V.V.K (From India)
L.G.J (From Spain)
R.M.B. (from The Philippines)

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