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Messages from the students

K.L.T (from Malaysia)

Doctor's Course 1st year


Department of Applied Physics and Physico-informatics
School of Fundamental Science and Technology,
The Center for Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics

■Academic Background

2004/08 B.Eng., Telecommunications Engineering, University of Malaya

2007/03 M.S., Applied Physics and Physico-informatics, Keio University

at the Campus festival

Q1. Why did you decide to study at Keio?

I decided to study at Keio University because of the cross-disciplinary international graduate program that Keio offers to international graduate students and that Keio is one of the best universities in Japan. My current field of study is medical image processing specializing in lung CT images. I have to say that Keio really has provided me with the right guidance and courses to help me switch from the field of telecommunication to medical image processing. Moreover, the research in Keio University are so integrated and challenging that there are just many possibilities of collaborative research work with pioneer companies in Japan. I obtained my master’s degree in engineering from Keio University in March 2007 and I am now a first year PhD student at Keio University.

Q2. How is your campus life at Keio?

My daily life at Keio includes working in the lab, going to the library, meeting friends from different countries, immersing myself in Japanese culture, continuous learning of both scientific knowledge and social skills, enjoying all sorts of party organized by either the school or the dormitory, sharing music with friends of different cultural backgrounds, experiencing festivals like Yagami-sai and Mita-sai organized by Keio University, and learning Japanese language.

with Prof.Tanaka and lab members

Q3. Please give a message to the prospective students.

I highly recommend Keio University because Keio is a platform for students to develop both technical and non-technical skills and it definitely goes in parallel with the notion of globalization not only in the realm of scientific knowledge, but also in the development of attitude of work and culture that, I believe, are sure to help graduates to excel in any professions.

Snow in the Campus

K.L.T (from Malaysia)
S.R.A (from Malaysia)
Z.G (from U.S.A.)
V.V.K (From India)
L.G.J (From Spain)
R.M.B. (from The Philippines)

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