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Introducing the Faculty of Science and Technology

‘Graduate School of Science and Technology

Located on the Yagami Campus, the Graduate School of Science and Technology has 1625 Japanese students 135 international students, and a teaching staff of 578 (as of 2007). It offers degrees in 11 fields of study, which are integrated into three schools: The School of Fundamental Science and Technology, the School of Integrated Design Engineering, and the School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems. The strength of this system is that it provides a flexible structure that enables a transdisciplinary education approach in which students can freely access different fields of study. Each of the three schools encompasses a broad range of fields, which students can flexibly choose among. The schools are further subdivided in faculty groupings called gCenters,h whose teaching and research units are structured for organizational adaptability and flexibility.

‘Vision for Students

The primary educational focus of the Graduate School of Science and Technology is on eliciting the native talents of each student, and awakening their ability to independently pose questions and then work to ;solve them. Our aim is to not only foster the capacity to produce innovative world-class research, but to provide society with leaders. We are proud that the program has produced a large number of highly talentedindividuals-not only researchers, but also venture entrepreneurs, specialists playing responsible roles in society, and leaders in various fields of science and engineering.

‘Guide books and Syllabus

For the detailed information about the courses provided, refer to the following URL.

‘About Office of Student Services (International)

Office of Student Services (International) provides information and advice on studying abroad, overseas programs and scholarships to both Japanese and international students enrolled in the Faculty of Science and Technology/Graduate School of Science and Technology. You can also consult us in English.

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