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Message from the Faculty of Science and Technology


The founder of Keio University, Yukichi Fukuzawa, was one of the first to witness the vastness of the world. In 1860, only two years after he founded Keio University, he sailed to the United States, and two years later he visited Europe. He introduced the immensity of the world to the Japanese who were gliving in their own little worldh through great writings such as Seiyo Jijo (gConditions in the Westh) and Bunmeiron no Gairyaku (gAn Outline of a Theory of Civilizationh), and explained to them the significance of civilization.
150 years have passed since then. Even though the world has become more complex, its size is still the same. To understand the complexity of the world, we invite you to travel all the way to Japan and study at Keio University, one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. Your willingness to travel to the gFar Easth and to experience the excitement of being in Tokyo will certainly make the world seem much smaller!
At Keio, you will be given a variety of opportunities to prepare yourself to become a top-rank scientist and/or engineer. Learning how Japanese industries function and meeting engineers who develop cutting-edge technologies will be invaluable experiences. Your ability to connect West and East will establish you as a truly bicultural person who has a much broader perspective than others.
Today, it is our energy and range of activity that determine whether the world seems frighteningly wide or comfortably small. All you have to do is act! Free yourself of a narrow outlook and establish yourself as a person who can proudly say, gItfs a small world!

 Kohei M. Itoh

Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology